We are a full-service digital studio specializing in innovative solutions on web, mobile and tablet platforms. We develop a wide range of quality work both in the US and in Lima, Peru. Ours is a hybrid model, blending the best talent from North and South America.

The Story
The Team

IN 2005, long time colleagues, BILL NEWELL and SARINA SIMON were asked to create a series of electronic games. Their combined years of experience with Philips Electronics, Knowledge Universe. The Walt Disney Company, IXL and others, made them an ideal choice for the commission.

But they had just sold their company to Leap Frog Enterprises Inc. and they had no staff.

Luckily, Bill had amazing contacts in LIMA, where he had spent much of his childhood. He assembled a group of awesome artists and programmers and NORTHSOUTH Studios was born.

Since then, we have DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED a wide range of excellent work, produced both in the US and in Peru. Ours is a hybrid model, blending the best talent from North and South America.

We are creatives, technologists, marketers and business people bringing years of entrepreneurial and corporate expertise to your project.  CONTACT US and find out why our CLIENTS KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE.

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